Woodturning is said to be the safest form of woodworking, that said it can still be dangerous and care should be taken at all times

The methods and procedures I show here are what I do at the moment and feel safe doing, I am not suggesting that you should do things the same way, that is up to you, if you don’t feel safe doing it one way find another way of doing it.

Above all take care and remember if this is your hobby it is supposed to be fun so enjoy it.

The next stage is to mark out and drill the holes for the earrings.   I do have an index system on my lathe which has 24 stops but for this stand I wanted 20 holes so I made my own system, my guide to making one is HERE.

I put the index system in place and also change the tool rest to a flat one as I find this easier to use to make sure I get the holes evenly spaced.

I now make a pencil mark about 1/4” in from the edge of the top and all around it.   I then use a bradawl held flat on the rest to make a mark.

I then move the index system on one place and make another mark and repeat  until I have 20 evenly spaced marks.

The next step is to drill the holes I remove it from the lathe, still in the chuck, and drill it on my drill stand but it can be done just as well with a handheld drill.   I use a 3mm drill for the holes as I have found this to be the best size.

After the holes are drilled I return it to the lathe again brining the tailstock up for support.

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